Monday, 26 January 2015

Homework 26/1/15

ADMT:  1.complete your google doc, grip work, finish up what ever you did not finish in class, and draw the sketch. each person draws one(if you are in grip of 4, there should be 4 drawings total) due on Wednesday

I&E:     1.grp work, Steve Job's 7 principles of success       

Langlit: 1.
reading programe, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi(due next Monday)           
             2.start preparing performance task(actual performance task dead line 28 Jan, 2359.
             3.sign up to be NLB member
             4.poetry writing competition(check Langlit blog for more info) dead line 2 feb 2015
             5.practise poem(group work, due on Tomorrow)
             6. survery on langlit blog

Math:    1.worksheet 2.1(due on 2 february) 

             2. go check out the answers for worksheets on S1-01 main blog
Chinese: 1.听写(next friday, green words)
               2. 习字(green words) 拼音 x3

                                                 习字 x3
               3.worbook pg 1,2,3and a half, 8,9,10,11

Science: 1.elements,compounds and mixtures worksheet 2 (due next Wednesday)

Tomorrow Math remedial for selected pupils (2-2.15pm)

best regards, Jane