Friday, 2 January 2015

Goodbye and hello..

Dear Class S105,

Greetings to you and a very warm welcome to the School of Science and Technology.  There must have been much ado about and you are trying your best to adjust to the surroundings and its paraphernalia.  Take your time to digest what you see and what you hear, there is no hurry there for we will have the whole year to get to know each other and over many more good years to come.  I do not remember feeling nervous during my first day (I was from a girls'  school by the way) for the migration from Primary to Secondary School was almost flawless as the two institutions were closely connected and it was almost liken a continuation of some sort.  I reckon for most of you, although the closure of a chapter brought about relief, it must have been hard saying goodbye and moving on.  And then faster than you know it, here we all are on that same page called SST.  As this new page starts afresh for all of us, I pray that you look forward to coming to us.  That every day will continue to excite you as you embrace life, learn about life and write the pages in this book of yours the way you hope it to be.  We will be here with you every step of the way so, give us a shoutout anytime.  Know that you will be a reflection of us from here on, so stand tall stand proud and be the best that you can be.  And be kind because you never know who is fighting what battle in their own backyard and what your kindness would mean, be kind.    Enjoy the rest of the orientation!

Ms Huang PS