Monday, 2 February 2015

Final Reminder for Math Alternative Assessement 1

Dear S1-05,
  Please remember to do your Math Alternative Assessment 1. You must do it because this is 10% of your exam marks and this 10% may make a difference on whether you will get an A or B for Math.You must also submit on time because if you don't hand it on time, 50% of your alternative assessment marks will be gone and this may also make a difference on whether you get an A1 or A2 for Math,If you haven't do it, better do it now because if you don't hand in by 11.59pm today, half of your marks will be gone.If you don't know how to submit the thing, message me and I will tell you how to submit. So remember to submit the thing on time and good luck on your marks for the test!
Best Regards,

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