Friday, 27 March 2015

Tribute to LKY.

(Mr Davinder Singh is a Singaporean lawyer who is well-known and is an inspiration to all.)

We agree with Mr Davinder Singh as Lee Kuan Yew was indeed a great man who sacrificed what was necessary for us, Singaporeans. An inspiring leader to all, he dedicated himself and all he had as the first Prime Minister of Singapore. My parents too talked about Mr Lee Kuan Yew. He helped dissipate the racial differences in Singapore, gave confidence to the minority, boosted our confidence and kept us unharmed. With his work, he left the world, leaving behind his final masterpiece, Singapore. A nation economically strong, a nation without threats and a nation of the future. He gave us the right to walk around Singapore, confidently, freely and proudly. He boosted the citizens’ morale and gave us good values. Through his speeches and messages, even until he became a minister mentor and fully retired, he impacted the whole nation, the whole world maybe, with the way he spoke, and how he got things done. The world admired him. Even after his passing, the whole world still remembers what he has done that transformed a kampong village into a growing, bustling metropolis.

Aidan(8) and Desmond (13)

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